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You know your product has amazing value. But the question is: Does your ideal customer know? They hover around your website and nothing catches their eye. There’s a communication barrier that prevents them from buying. High-quality promotional videos dissolve that barrier. One simple video is a powerful tool for making a great first impression. Think of it as having a salesman on your website 24/7.

What makes explainer videos so effective at increasing sales? As humans, we’re programmed to tune into motion and pictures. People no longer have the attention span to read pages of text. A video with voice, music, and emotion builds genuine trust in your brand.

Your video is your online face. It explains who you are in a matter of seconds and shows people what you have to offer. That way, you don’t take the chance of going unnoticed.


What I Offer

To produce the perfect explainer video, you need a sea of different elements. Rome wasn’t built in a minute! First, we need a vision… Then a narrative. And finally, scene by scene, we can bring your dream to life. Check out the process below!

Pre-production & Vision

– Who are you and what is your true value?

– What burning problem does your product/service solve?

– What are your content marketing goals?

In this stage, we’ll lay the groundwork to understanding your vision. We’ll decide what this video can achieve for you, how it will look, and how you plan on using it.

Potent Scriptwriting – The backbone of your video (and the most important part!)
My scripts are written using a proven 5-step formula combined with creative storytelling.
Once the script is finished, it’s storyboard time! Here I’ll sketch and re-sketch the main actions that appear in your video. The storyboard gives both of us a good idea of how the narrative will be before moving on to animation.
High-Quality Visuals

In this final stage of production, I design your beautiful, premium animation. Using a solid promotional foundation combined with captivating visuals, your audience will stay engaged long enough to really relate to your message and consequently – convert.

Branding – I delve deep into understanding your image. That way, I can strategically enhance it. My videos exist to position your brand as an industry authority.
Voiceover, Music & SFX
Who’s the voice behind your product? Serious? Playful? Female? Male?
My professional voice talents will deliver your message with emotional impact. And being a musician myself, I understand how sound and music can be used to tell a powerful story. Using studio quality SFX, I’ll create a sensory experience that drives the viewer to action.

My Work

Here’s a taste of some different styles of videos I’ve created

  • Siemplify
    Tradeshow explainer animation video
  • Mobileye
    A collaboration with Studio&More
  • Sisense
    Explainer video
  • UA Society Summit 2017
    A Clean Slate production
  • Gold Model
    Promotional video
  • Siemplify ThreatNexus
    Feature video
  • Mechanic life
  • Spin It
    3D animation in C4D
  • LINA
    Logo reveal
  • Halloween Masked Ball
    Event promo
  • Manufacturer​ license
    Explainer video
  • Cyber Security Startup
    Siemplify ThreatNexus is a security orchestration and incident response platform
  • Property Developers
    Lev Properties specialise in sourcing high-income producing and property investments
  • Falafel Vegano
    Promotional teaser
  • scared Mechanic Ball
    3D animation to flat 2D design
  • Distribution and Broadcast
    Assetry screen enables content owners to create video websites, online screening rooms, players and branded channels
  • Soap Bubble Girl
    Flat animation
  • Mr. Bop Bag
    When life hits you in the face
  • Interior Design Platform
    Decology provides an approachable, affordable, quality and fun online interior design platform
  • Software startup
    tzoof geo provides logistics and route optimisation services


I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing clients over the years. Below is a selection of companies I’m currently working with or have worked with

  • Decology
  • Assetry Screen
  • Vueport
  • Nouveau
  • Siemplify
  • tzoof geo
  • Sigmento
  • Shorefront Films
  • Family Creative
  • Lev Properties
  • Ace Digital
  • Brewery VFX


Problem is: you need a buzz around it.

Let’s have a quick chat and you can tell me exactly what you need.
Even if you’re not sure… send me a message today and we can see how having a video could help your business grow.

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