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What I Offer

To produce the perfect explainer video, you need a sea of different elements. Rome wasn’t built in a minute! First, we need a vision… Then a narrative. And finally, scene by scene, we can bring your dream to life. Check out the process below!


My Work

Here’s a taste of some different styles of videos I’ve created

  • Siemplify
    Tradeshow explainer animation video
  • Mobileye
    A collaboration with Studio&More
  • Sisense
    Explainer video
  • UA Society Summit 2017
    A Clean Slate production
  • Gold Model
    Promotional video
  • Siemplify ThreatNexus
    Feature video
  • Mechanic life
  • Spin It
    3D animation in C4D
  • LINA
    Logo reveal
  • Halloween Masked Ball
    Event promo
  • Manufacturer​ license
    Explainer video
  • Cyber Security Startup
    Siemplify ThreatNexus is a security orchestration and incident response platform
  • Property Developers
    Lev Properties specialise in sourcing high-income producing and property investments
  • Falafel Vegano
    Promotional teaser
  • scared Mechanic Ball
    3D animation to flat 2D design
  • Distribution and Broadcast
    Assetry screen enables content owners to create video websites, online screening rooms, players and branded channels
  • Soap Bubble Girl
    Flat animation
  • Mr. Bop Bag
    When life hits you in the face
  • Interior Design Platform
    Decology provides an approachable, affordable, quality and fun online interior design platform
  • Software startup
    tzoof geo provides logistics and route optimisation services


I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing clients over the years. Below is a selection of companies I’m currently working with or have worked with

  • Decology
  • Assetry Screen
  • Vueport
  • Nouveau
  • Siemplify
  • tzoof geo
  • Sigmento
  • Shorefront Films
  • Family Creative
  • Lev Properties
  • Ace Digital
  • Brewery VFX


Problem is: you need a buzz around it.

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